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TRUCK WORLD AUTO ASSEMBLY (TWAA) is a leading provider of Commercial Truck, Parts and Maintenance solutions. From a used truck importer since the 1990s, the founder has moved forward into new truck sales and full services. Together with his new partner also the Executive Director of TWAA, both of them jointly obtained an official full contract dealership with DAF Trucks N.V. to operate in country of Malaysia, effective March 2015. DAF is a leading truck brand in Europe known for better fuel efficiency, less electronics, better reliability and availability of original parts with supply.

We first started by selling used trucks of Japan origin and followed by European brands distributing to the Malaysian market. As market trend changes and customer’s demand rises, we have upgraded ourselves to sell European brand trucks.

TWAA’s unique value-added encompasses services that can cater to the needs of customers based on the current demands and various requirements of use. With the reliability of the product solutions offered by our principal together with our vast experience, TWAA has great confidence that all our customers will be satisfied.


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We are looking for a potential quality person, then transform this person to be a rich competences person to support company’s performance in the future.

Human resources become the most important part in the continuity of our company. We realize that the most valuable investment and the most solid foundation of our company during this continuity is human resources. Other foundations such as facilities and systems can be similar to another company, but when talking about human resources, this is one thing that makes our company unique and special.

Potential and quality analysis of an individual will not be perfect without the spirit of togetherness among employees. The success of our company is nothing about one man show but a warm and harmonious super team.

Our corporate culture makes employees believe that there is always a solution of all problems. We are no longer see obstacles as a dead end, but a challenge and a stepping stone to reach success and new experiences. Great potential, honed competencies, a warm family and courage to accept the challenge.